Allan & Joan from Oakey

We write to say thanks for the recent installation at our residence. From monitoring of the output to the grid so far we can say that the system has exceeded our initial expectations.
After sifting through many adverts for grid connected photo voltaic systems we attended your free information evening which helped to provide info to “fill in the gaps” of our knowledge gleaned from internet searches, newspaper / magazine articles and personal knowledge from previous employment with Telecom Australia who used solar systems for remote telephone exchanges.
We decided to go with EXCELSOLAR due being local and, the perception for sourcing only the best quality components with a warranty from manufacturers having a presence in Australia. The end result was a very neat installation of our 10 panels (1.9 kW) system. The installation staff was very efficient and not fazed by my questions that arose during the installation. Thank you again for what we consider to be an EXCELENT job. My wife and I love watching the meter run backwards whilst we await Ergon to replace the meter with an electronic version to measure our contribution to the electricity grid and we believe an eventual return of some of our money. From performance of the array so far we believe that the system will pay for itself in less than the estimated 7 years and, insulate us from the many electricity tariff increases since the deregulation that was supposed to save money?
Should you wish to use this letter in future advertising / information sessions we are happy to give that permission as we now believe that all householders’ should install these systems and reap the benefit of reduced household electricity costs.

Yours sincerely   Allan & Joan Calvert   Oakey