TIGO Energy

TIGO Energy is currently one of the leading PV solar optimizer brands on the market, and with their newest software release they bring unparalleled design and flexibility to PV solar installations.

One of the key factors that makes TIGO Energy optimizers stand out from the crowd, is their ability to allow for a non-invasive approach to module-level optimization. TIGO Energy works with all industry leading inverters, and optimizes solar arrays without special requirements for system design. 

Not only do TIGO Energy Module Maximizers work with all industry leading inverters but they have also been approved for use by the best inverter manufacturers in the market.

This creates the greatest combination of cost-efficiency, reliability, bankability, system flexibility and energy harvest. With TIGO Energy's Module-level monitoring and analytics, it enables levels of asset managment for solar arrays, significantly improving operations and maintenance for these high-value investments. 

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Brochure Downloads

TIGO Energy Overview Brochure                           TIGO Energy Gateway Data Sheet

TIGO Energy Module Maximizer Data Sheet           TIGO Energy Maximizer Management Unit Data Sheet

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