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Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 2.46.26 PMCan I save money with a new hot water system?

Discover… No comparison or Equal. German quality Heat Pump! If your electric hot water system is leaking, old, or not performing efficiently, the time is right to buy an air solar heat pump, while there are generous government rebates. It provides you with piping hot water and saves you money.

Just a few spec’s…    
•    Works at night or in cloudy weather.    
•    303 Litre size tank enough hot water for a very large family.    
•    Allows 540L of tempered hot water at 45 degrees.    
•    Can work indoors (a garage/under decks etc) or outdoors.

We always wire the system onto a controlled power tariff 33 ensuring hot water.
Most families will then use approximately 2-3kWh of power a day (Currently 13.673 cents a kWh T33 Ergon). Low cost to retrofit an existing electric hot water system against a solar roof top hot water system.

Stiebel Eltron is winner of the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland "Environmental Product of the Year 2010" & Master Plumbers' & Gasfitters Association of Western Australia "Energy Saving Product of the Year 2009.

 The principle is very similar to the operation of a refrigerator, but only in reverse. The solar heat pump system contains a fan that forces air through an evaporator
(1). The evaporator contains very cold liquid refrigerant. The heat in the air that passes through this evaporator is absorbed by the refrigerant. The now warm gaseous refrigerant is then circulated in the system via a compressor
(2). As it goes through the compressor its pressure rises and the temperature increases further. From here it travels to the condenser
(3), where the heat from what is now a super hot refrigerant is transferred to the water supply tank. The cooled down refrigerant then goes through an expansion valve
(4), which reduces its pressure cooling it further and the cycle starts again.

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 Australia is a vast continent with climatic extremes that challenge manufacturers to ensure Australia’s homes and appliances are protected from frosts and Australian families can continue to enjoy hot water from the sun without concern for damage to flat plate collectors in times of frost.

Systems sizes.

270 litre storage tank with either 25 or 30 tubes.

340 litre storage tank with either 30 or 40 tubes

450 litre storage tank with either 30 or 40 tubes.

Flat plate Solar hot water is now old technolgy , and is far surpassed in efficency with Evacuated tube systems, not to mention less visable impact on the roof also.
Sunrain Evacuated Tube solar water heaters provide excellent protection against Australia’s frost conditions. 
All Sunrain solar water heater systems are specifically configured and manufactured for Australia.
The highest quality storage tanks available incorporating "GRUNDFOS" - German circulation pumps.
Bulb collector area over twice the capacity of comparable system for increase efficiency.
Evacuated Tube has more reliabilty and is less prone to damage from hail or impact , to ensure you maintain hot water even in the event of a tube breakage , unlike flat plate systems that stop working if damaged.
7 Year tank and collector warranties.
AVG valves and Grundfos pump, ensures peace of mind.