Excel Solar Gates

Residential or farm, the solasolar gater swing gate opener is a classic design that comes fully installed by Excel Solar. The SGF runs off a 12v low voltage battery, which recharges through the day using solar energy, this offers more safety and reliability as the opener will operate for twenty cycles even when the power is out, so therefore overcast days are not a problem.

The solar swing gate is also suitable for gates opening in-wards and out-wards. The SGF solar powered gate opener will come with all accessories like keypad, extra remotes, sensors, and the bar key locking.

The SGF solar powered gate opener is used as a pull to open gate opener using the standard mounting brackets. The push to open mounting bracket can be used to open the gate out ward providing mounting and landscape flexibility.

SGF gate openers feature Heavy-Duty Control Boards that include an adjustable inherent obstruction-sensing feature required by SGF 325 code that automatically stops and reverses when it encounters an obstacle during both open and close modes.

Find out more about solar gates in this PDF

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