Austrian company Fronius has been developing and manufacturing battery chargers, welding equipment and photovoltaic inverters for over 65 years. With operations spanning the globe, Fronius inverters have been available to the Australian market since 2001. Realizing the necessity of a strong local presence in order to serve this market well, Fronius decided to make a long term investment in Australia by opening a subsidiary in Tullamarine, Victoria in 2010. With a presence that includes a local warehouse, technical support, a repair centre as well as a sales organization, Fronius Australia successfully serves as a regional hub for the distribution, service and support of the complete range of Fronius Solar Electronics products available in Australia.  


Fronius produces a wide range of premium grid-connected inverters starting at 1.5kW for small residential PV systems up to 100kW central inverters for medium and large scale commercial installations.


Fronius also has a wide range of system monitoring and data communication accessories. Fronius DATCOM (Data communication) enables the owner of the PV system to keep an eye on their yield using PC, smart phone or tablet.


All Fronius String inverters come with a standard 10-year (5+5)warranty

5 years parts and labour included, and the following 5 years parts only.

This can be extended to up to 20 years. 

Warranty Plus can be requested , which includes labour for the entire warranty period.


A unique feature of all Fronius inverters is that they are designed so that they can be serviced on site. With an Australia wide network of over 80 trained and certified Fronius Service Partners, Fronius’ goal is to ensure the fastest and highest quality customer service available.


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